The goal of this project was to improve the drive thru experience for customers and employees.  The biggest issue facing current drive thru system is the ordering process.  Customers are often rushed and indecisive.  Complications also arrive for customers and employees when multiple people are ordering from one car.  This app and window system allows customers to take their time when ordering and allows for more time to change their orders.  If a customer sticks to a usual order, the app features a “previous order” button so it becomes a one-click process.

Eliminating the speakers and headsets eliminates a lot of the stress associated with ordering.  The system also incorporates a giant window into the kitchen so that customers can see their food being made and make connections with employees.  Another feature of the phone application is that it can scan the QR code on advertisements and instantly add it to their next order.  This direct advertising and the efficiency of the system would be profitable for fast food companies.