"Design product for the MUJI International Design Competition"

"MUJI is seeking a design that recognizes traditions & customs in a modern way. Not only should the product be conceptually “long lasting” but also physically timeless. This challenge reflects China’s time-honored culture as well as their technological progress."

People of every size, age, & culture have always held babies in one arm; it is a secure & comfortable position.  People want the same reassuring feelings when carrying their family’s dinner to the table.  This is an unintended function of existing serving bowls, simply because users fill their hands attempting to save trips back & forth.  This bowl makes the entire serving process much easier; not only does the spout keep the bowl secure against the user’s forearm; it also makes pouring easier & serves as the perfect handle.  Why not apply this natural behavior to make serving simpler?

All of MUJI’s products are refined down to their simplest & most necessary form; no embellishments. Their products aim at changing the way people interact with products in a settle, unnoticeable way. I think that my concept does the same because users hold regular bowls in this same fashion which is an unintended function. The bowl that I designed recognizes this technique & simplifies it for the user.

DSC00568 copy.JPG